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Jeannette is very professional and listens to all my concerns and has addressed all issues. She's always consistent in the quality of service she provides. A relaxed and comfortable environment.

Gloria K. 2016


Jeannette gives an incredible acupressure massage. It promotes healing and last a lot longer the a typical massage. Ahhhhhhhhh

Brenda M. 2016


For the past 17 years I have been receiving massages from Jeannette. I have had many years of massages before her work but none compare. I carry all my stress in my shoulders and she works miracles on them. My pain is no more since I have had Jeannette working on me. She has also improved my energy levels thru her energy healing -pranic healing.

Roxie F. 2016


I love how I feel when I leave. Jeannette can definitely put Humpty Dumpty back together again (and again).

Edward F. 2016


Jeannette's experience and work is outstanding! I have gone to her throughout both my pregnancies; during my back injuries and whenever I had a spot injury. I highly recommend her work!

Rose G. 2016


Jeannette is very professional and defiantly an expert in what she does. I have visited many massage therapists and Jeannette is by far the best. I would get daily migraines. Since I have been seeing Jeannette she has relieved all my headaches and knots in my shoulders. I highly recommend Jeannette.

Jaclyn F. 2016


Jeannette is awesome! A few years ago I was having issues with my arm going numb. I came in and Jeannette worked with me and quickly got my problem solved. I haven't been to anyone else since. I highly recommend Relaxed & Revitalized to everyone for a great massage!

Michelle B. 2016


Jeannette was amazing! She listened very carefully to why I came to see her and where my back pain was and focused on those areas. She definitely knows what she's doing and I left almost pain free! In between working on my problem areas she also gave an overall wonderful massage that felt amazing and was super relaxing.

Jennifer G. 2016


I look forward to seeing Jeannette every week. As a recently retired court reporter I needed help with knots and tension in my back and neck. I've had many massages over the years an none compare to my experience with Jeannette. She's the best.

Jean G., Fresno, CA. 2010


I found Jeannette through a groupon promotion. I bought 2 massages from her......So glad I did. She does a great job! She's very knowledgeable at what she does. She is great at finding those tense spots and making them disappear. I've left there both times feeling a million times better. Highly recommend her. Only negative is the location. You can hear Shaw Ave. traffic in the massage room, but she plays relaxing music which drowns most of it out.

Sarah L. 2011


I'm pretty picky about my massage therapists. As I recent transplant to Fresno, I'm incredibly grateful I found Jeannette. I've been seeing her for a few months now. Her office is conveniently located on Shaw, and as the previous reviewer noted, I can sometimes hear the traffic. It's never been a problem during my massages. Jeannette magically finds those tight knots and patiently works to relieve them. Definitely worth every penny I spend.

Marinn P., Fresno, CA. 2012


Jeannette knows and cares. I had an issue with tight muscle in my upper leg and she worked it out. I was limping when I walked in and I walked out feeling like new. She has so much knowledge and a wonderful touch and energy. Very soothing when you walk in. My experiences with Jeannette has been so relaxing and peaceful and result driven with results. “Finally” l.o.l. Last time I got a massage from someone else, I had to go home and roll a tennis ball against my back on the wall to get the areas that I went in for and.....were disregarded, not even toughed at all. Highly recommend this place. Jeannette at Relaxed & Revitalized is where I will go from now on. Private, individualized care, caring, results..need I say more!!!

Angel Y., Fresno, CA. 2011


I had a Pranic Healing session with Jeannette and she did an amazing job, she takes time and explains the process if yo are not familiar. She targeted specific energies that I have been working on through Ayurveda and my own prayer as a Christian woman that she did not know about. She also gave me a lot of information and take-home tips. I highly recommend her.

Luz P. Fresno, CA. 2012


I have had chronic shoulder pain for several months, I went to Jeannette and she spent an hour working on the knots in my shoulder. It felt better and I had better range of movement after the hour session. The next few days my muscles were sore but the burning pain in my neck shoulder area are gone! I have a follow up appointment and I am looking forward to continued improvement in my shoulder. I found Jeannette on Yelp. Thank you Yelp!

Camille E., Fresno, CA. 2013


Great massage, was able to loosen up shoulder and increase my range of motion. I definitely need to go back to her.

Nicholas L., Fresno, CA. 2014


I found Jeannette through Yelp after injuring myself at work. I have a chronic low back issue with a surgical history that includes a lot of hardware. She managed to fut me in at her earliest possible spot after I told all my issues and in how much pain I was in. I tell you, I have been dreaming of the type of massage she gives. It was exactly what I needed and care I say probable the best I have ever had. She is a highly trained Tai Chi artist and her conditioning shows. Very strong hands that she truly wields like a master while honing in om the nodes or “knots” that covered my back like a boulder field. Acupressure is key. No fufu massage here, she means business. That's what I was looking for, someone who could get deep into those tight tissues. I have been seeing her every two weeks for the last several months and absolutely love it, now I'm sending my GF and mom to her!!!

Clayton H. Natomas, Sacramento, CA. 2015


Jeannette is the real deal. I was looking for a last-minute prenatal massage because my shoulder and hip tension were extremely tight and my regular massage lady was already booked up. I have a high pain tolerance and need someone skilled and intuitive to work out my knots. I've been to many massage therapists in the Bay Area as well as SoCal, due to severely tight knots. I have my go-to people in each area. Jeannette found the knots right away and used acupressure to relieve some of the tightness. I'm picky and I'll be back.

S.L., Berkeley, CA. 2015


What an amazing healer! When I arrived I was in deep emotional and physical pain. (I've had shoulder, neck and ear pain for 4 months and it really wore me down.) I've had two treatments and now 99.9% of the pain is gone and I have almost full mobility of my arm/shoulder. My first treatment focused mostly on energy work and the second treatment focused more on body work. The combination of the two treatments was/is clearly powerful! I was so blown away, I called my husband and then my sister to tell them the good news. The pain is gone and a heavy weight is lifted. I am truly grateful to have such a gifted healer in our neck of the woods.

Shannon G., Coarsegold, CA


I've gone to Jeannette for years. She is a real professional. You can discuss a specific problem with her and she will get results. The office is clean and is easy to find and park. The price is reasonable for the area.

Daniel S., Fresno, CA. 2010


I have had trouble with my back for most of my life. I've been going to Jeannette for almost two years. She has done more good for my back than anything I've ever tried. Most relaxing time I spend. Wish I could go every day. She's the best.

Judy A.,Fresno, CA. 2010


I was referred to Jeannette Dashjian a couple of years ago for massage and Pranic Healing. I see her on a regular basis. She is highly skilled in both areas and I am much healthier as a result of her ability and training.

Jan A., Fresno, CA. 2010


Jeannette is a miracle worker, professional and caring. I can't say enough. Thank You Jeannette!

Cindy W., Fresno, CA. 2013


It is with enthusiasm that I recommend Jeannette Dashjian's healing arts therapy. As a result of a car accident over 10 years ago I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain. I have sought traditional and non traditional therapies including numerous visits with M.D.'s, physical therapists, medications, acupuncture, chiropractics and massage therapy with only temporary improvement. After one visit with Jeannette and a Pranic Healing Plus energy work, I have been relatively pain free. I am continuing to see Jeannnette to reap maximum benefit by having her incorporate deep tissue massage into resolving my physical condition. I am astounded wit how quickly my body is responding to the modalities Jeannette is using for my therapy.

Jenine C., Clovis CA. 2009


For all of my adult life I have suffered with migraine headaches. Six years ago Jeannette Dashjian gave me a Pranic Healing treatment for my migraine headache. The migraine headache stopped almost immediately. I haven't had a migraine since then. I am 77 years old. I receive a Pranic Healing session with Jeannette about once a month which gives me a relaxed feeling and it improves my energy and sense of well being.

Helen F., Clovis, CA. 2009

(Update Helen still has not had another migraine 2016)


I have been a client of Jeannette's since 1987. Her massage and Pranic Healing work have brought me through a myriad of maladies through the years including backaches, pulled muscles, injuries from auto accidents-anxiety and depression. My recovery would not be where it is today without Jeannette's assistance.

Jacque T., Fresno, CA. 2009


My husband Tom was a pedestrian hit by a truck and was very seriously injured. Jeannette's healing treatments began immediately and his medical specialists are amazed that he healed as well and as fast as he did. We are grateful for Jeannette's work. My husband has healed completely.

Elizabeth D., Fresno, CA. 2009

(Update Tom said he was healthier after the healing treatments then before the accident 2010)


Jeannette is exceptional. In over 30 years of getting massage therapy from a hundred different therapist- Jeannette is the best. She keeps me going.

Bob Y., Fresno, CA. 2011

Terri Stephenson Feb 3, 2021

Jeannette is compassionate and caring, and makes it her goal to get you to feeling better. Highest level of concern and care. Absolute recommendation!!

The Jay Family Feb.6, 2021
Jeanette is amazing! I was having a hard time finding someone that did lymphatic massage, I'm so glad
I found her because her work is amazing! She is so sweet and listens to your concerns.

Christina Cohan Apr. 3, 2021
Jeannette exceeded my expectations. I've had massages for my horrible back for 15+ years and she was be far the best I've ever had. After one session she's already managed to help my headaches subside. I'm blown away by how amazing of a job she did. She has a new customer for life.

Erika Gonzalez Apr. 22, 2021
Jeannette is absolutely amazing! I've had multiple lymphatic drainage massages and she never disappointed. Every massage left me feeling very relaxed/comfortable and anxious to book the next one! She's very friendly and easy to talk to. You won't be disappointed wit her. Thank you Jeannette!

Allison Brown May 31, 2021

Amazing massage! Just had knee surgery and this helped so much with recovery time.

Destinie Witmer July 19, 2018
My experience with Jeannette was fantastic. My session was not only relaxing, but helped immensely with my lower back and neck issues. She even took the time to show me various exercises and
stretches for continued aid in my treatment at home. I would highly recommend Relaxed and Revitalized for your treatment needs!

Emem Dunn Feb 7, 2019

AndrayaAmaro June 19, 2021
Jeannette was great I was having horrible pain in my back being 6 months pregnant and needing a prenatal massage she helped me a lot and instantly did wonders. Made sure I was comfortable and
released a lot of tension in my back. Thank you so much.

Andrea Garcia Nov. 30, 2021

I'm so glad I found this place! The massages are great and I love how good I feel after I leave here. I also love that it's not only about your body but also about your mind and soul. Jeannette really cares about making you feel better all around. This was suppose to be a temporary service for me however after going and enjoying the time spent here , I don't think I will ever stop coming here. Thank you for helping me feel better, Jeannette you are amazing.

Edub G Jan. 2, 2022
I've been to Relaxed and Revitalized for bot upper ad lower back pain and Jeannette is awesome!!!! A very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere combined with Jeannette's knowledgeable services makes this place just amazing!!!!!


Martin Ruff Apr. 5 2021

Nolan Kim Aug. 14, 2021
Called in to book, I couldn't understand the lady over the phone. It was so fuzzy that all I heard was
charlie brown adults speaking. When I asked to book an appointment they hung up on me.

Karina Vindiola Jan. 12, 2022
My experience here was absolutely incredible and revitalizing without a doubt. I received an acupressure massage post brain tumor removal and she knew exactly what to do to relieve my body of the long term pain I was going trough. I will most definitely be returning .

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