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Question: Why go to a Certified Massage Therapist?

Answer: What certification means; the state of California has set guide lines for professional training in Massage. I have been trained in muscle anatomy and function, the function of the skeletal system, the nervous system, the vascular system, the lymphatic system, and the glandular system. Trained in how to address issues like rotator cuff injuries, syatica, restricted rang of motion, migraines, and general muscle soreness and chronic pain. The training also was in the function of internal organs and their placement in regards to muscle connections. Trained in knowing how a healthy muscle acts and trained in what to do to bring that muscle back to health.


Question: Are there people doing massage that are not professionally trained and does that really matter?

Answer: Yes to both. Since I have been professionally trained, I understand the function of the different systems of the body and because of that I know when to apply certain massage techniques and when not to. These are skills that an untranined masseur or masseuse would not know. My knowledge allows me to discern when other therapies would best serve the client.


Question: How does Pranic Healing work?

Answer: We are energy bodies and like a delicate piece of equipment that is highly sensitive when an area in the energy body is traumatized this can be felt in the physical, emotional or spiritual body. If you think of the energy body as a flowing river and trauma as a rock in the river with the healing work you remove the rock or trauma. The river flows again or the energy body is made well again.


Question: What are energetic blocks?

Answer: Energetic blocks are things that interfere with our natural state of good health and well being. They are occurrences that interfere with the emotional, physical, mental and or spiritual being. Our natural state is good health and well being, inner peace and happiness, energetic blocks prevent us from achieving this state. An energetic block can be created in various ways, such as: car accidents, low self esteem, childhood trauma or feeling betrayedby a loved one. These are just some of the ways that an energetic block can occur.


Question: With this energy work whose energy am I getting?

Answer: We are created as self healing beings. At times we need some extra help when we are feeling overwhelmed. The healing work removes the overwhelming feelings we experience during life. That energy comes from the divine. The body can then come back into balance and begin healing itself. It works with the physical body as well as the emotional/spiritual body.

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